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About Me

I am a grumpy old man with lots of interests… =P

My cv in short
Name, surname: Dr. Üstün Alsaç
Birth year and place: 5. 5. 1942, Ankara
Citizenship: Turkish Republic
Civil status: Widoved, have a daughter
Profession: Architect
Specializations: Theory and history of architecture, architectural design, design instruction, design education
Higher educational institutions at which I worked: Architecture Department of the Blacksea Technical University in Trabzon (Turkey); Architecture Department of the Lefke European University in Cyprus; Faculty of Architecture Department, Department of Architecture of the Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
Educational activities: 11 years at the Blacksea University, 3 years at the Lefke European University, 11 years at the Earstern Mediterranean University, a total of 25 years
Last position: Associated professor
Languages besides Turkish: English and German
Teaching activities: Design studio instructions, offering compulsory and elective courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs, jury member for projects and thesis presentations
Academic activities: Taking part in more than 40 scientific and professional meetings, chairmanships in some of them. Organizations of exhibitions and slideshows, guest lecturings, editorships for publications
Publication activities: 18 books 3 of which are translations. A number of articles, essays, contributions to books, book reviews and criticisms (For detailed information see: My publication activities)
Subjects of research and areas of interest:

• History of contemporary Turkish architecture
• Theory and history of architecture
• History of city planning
• History of structural engineering
• History of the architecture in Islamic cultures
• History and theory of restoration
• History of modern Turkish painting and sculpture
• A monographic study about a modern Turkish architect
• Theory and education of design
• Education of architecture
• Turkish houses, dwellings in general
• City walls of İstanbul and generally buildings of defense
• Symbolism in architecture
• Architectural and city planning utopias
• Architecture of the future and the future of architecture
• Creativity and play
• Play, games, puzzles and toys in architecture
• Word and language games and puzzles
• Calligraphy and the art graphical arrangements, especially ambigrams
• History and theory of cartooning, caricatures, comic strips and animated films
• Structures by animals
• Visual illusions

Ankara, March 2009

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