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The day of small cars


Do you know anything about small cars? Then you would also know that their owners are very proud of them. I am one of them. Got a few friends like me, we meet from time to time and chat. Of course the main subject is always our small cars.


At one time two of my colleagues from the office became owners of mini cars, they joined our group. In one of our meetings someone suggested to form a convoy and make an autocade in the city. That’s how it all started.


At first there were 11 small cars. In the course of time our number rose up to 18. Everybody in Legokent was watching us with great interest. Just then one of us came up with the idea of organizing a picnic. With our families we would get into our small cars, after our show in the city we would drive to the picnic area in the vicinity and have some fun. What a wonderful idea.



At once we decided to carry on with it. But as usual that was not very easy. When the police saw us, they said it cannot be done just like that. A motorized officer should lead the way, otherwise the traffic security… etc. etc. So a police motorcycle was added to us. In the course of time we observed that a police legomobile was also there.


The car of one of our friends does not exactly match up with our standards. But he decorated it with such an enthusiasm that we did not have the heart to refuse him joining us. So his car with all its flowers and flags took its place right in front of our convoy as if it is the leader.  


After a while we noticed another legomobile of an older type in front of the leader. When we asked to whom this car belongs, we learned that the members of our group has already nicknamed this mysterious car as “Destiny”. Thus he became one of our group too and as some kind of mascot as well.  


We were hanging around happily when one of our group members came up with a proposal. He said, if we can have a buffet-mobile, which would carry some items of food and drinks, we would be able to buy missing items from it during a picnic, which would be quite convenient. Well, who can say no to a good idea, so we had it. Of course nobody thought of it getting the size of a truck at that time.  


If an organization like ours is going on, it is almost impossible to keep peddlers away. They were following us and attracting especially children with their items. So, we decided to add an entertainment car to keep them out and our children in!..


Growing is nice but the increase in number results in people spreading out and even getting lost. The presence of a search unit was needed, and another came with it in case of winter occasions. They too, became a part of our convoy.



After a serious breakdown of one of the small cars some of us began to think that we have been thinking about humans and getting a buffet-car – or better, truck, but never thinking about the needs of our cars, which of course is unfair! At once we contacted a repair wagon and included it also into our group.

The repairman warned us about the positive aspects of a tow truck, just in case. How right he was. Shortly after it joined our convoy two of the minies broke down heavily and had to be pulled to a repair shop by our new tow truck.


Our convoy was growing steadily and was in need of a presence of a rear guard. A short while after that we saw that another security car was driving in front of it. Well, as long as they do not disturb us we did not mind it.


There were some legocycles which were accompanying our convoy almost right from the beginning. Some group members were complaining about their presence. But they showed themselves useful by carrying items and information between the two ends of the convoy and the complaints faded away later on. Legocycles have no place in the convoy, they would drive back and forth as they like.


Well, this is the story of our mini cars. What do you think, wouldn’t you like to join us too?




Note: All cars are made out of Lego pieces or are Lego cars. But this page has nothing to do with any producer, merchandiser or supplier of Legos.

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