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Elephants, geese and othersor how can I increase my general knowledge by the help of a word play supported with humorous drawings?

Once I have seen two books by the French cartoonist Sine. One of them was consisting of humorous drawings using words that would contain the word CAT and the other the word CAR in them. I liked these books very much since they were basing on word plays. Later on I thought same can be done with Turkish words.

FİL (elephant) was such a word and I thought of drawing them. We knew about such riddles when we were still going to school. During a summer holiday together with my brother Ongun in 1967 I started the series and we had lots of fun. My efforts to publish them were unfruitful.

In the course of time interest towards abstract humor and riddles, towards humorous drawings like cartoons and comic strips increased, as well as publications thereof. Although it belongs to a different genre, the book of Adnan Ersan was published in 2002. (Adnan Ersan, Fil Bilmeceleri, (Elephant Riddles) Cartoons by Cemalettin Güzeloğlu, Arkadaş Yayınları, Ankara, 2002)

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