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Why this page?

From time to time famous authors are asked why they write, what are the motivations to their writing, etc. Since I am also interested in writing, drawing I also think what I would do if I get such a question.

When our daughter was a child we used to watch circus shows on the TV. The speaker would announce the artists, now we are going to see this and that from this country, now you are going to see Mr and Ms from that country… And then artists from all four points of the world would take the stage. After a while I noticed that the name of Turkey was never mentioned in these four points. Did we not have any artists, showmen, illusionists?

We did not. We were ignoring them, we were even looking upon them. Which parents would say oh!, how nice, when one of their children tells them he or she wants to be an artist? But we liked to watch the shows. In many fields we were spectators instead of creators, makers of presentations,.

After a while I noticed that being spectator was not good enough for me. I should also have something to say, and I did have too. From earliest times onwards I liked to make drawings and I liked to write, good or bad. They were collecting in a corner to be forgotten. Even then I should be considered as lucky, some of my work found publication in book form, my articles were published in periodicals. But believe me, I have at least two times more then them, not including my drawings.

Whoever see the things I produce ask me, beg me to publish them. This is not always possible. I also want to share my work with others, to learn what they think about them…

…then came this new possibility called Internet. I cannot tell you what kinds of things I see there when I surf on it with the purpose of research. Since I was not used to it I was not able to jump in. After I have retired myself some time ago my daughter Pınar tried to persuade me for the arrangement of Internet sites for us both and I was not able to say no. A friend of hers was going to help and then the snowball started to roll.

Well, that’s it. What are you going to find here? I am going to say, whatever comes to my mind and you will go out of it at once. But you may take a look; there may be something that attracts your interest before you leave. If not, nothing is lost. So, with the hope to see you back…